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Welcome to Hotel Convento do Salvador

First of all, Hotel Convento do Salvador welcomes you and would like to thank you for having chosen our hotel for your visit to Lisbon.  The Hotel staff will do their utmost to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.  We would like to thank you for your comments in advance, as they will help us improve our services so that you and future guests are fully satisfied.

The priority of Hotel Convento do Salvador is to ensure that all the needs of our guests are met by providing a broad range of services such as: free wi-fi throughout the building, areas for working, reading and resting, buffet breakfast, bar, patio with terrace. We want you to feel at home.

Finally, we wish you a pleasant journey and hope your trip to Lisbon has lived up to, or exceeded, your expectations.

The Building

This contemporary and comfortable hotel is an adaptation of one of the oldest convents in Lisbon and offers several types of accommodation. Some of such options are particularly suited to families and persons with reduced mobility.

Conveniently located in the heart of Alfama, one of Lisbon's most legendary neighbourhoods, the Hotel is just steps away from the city's main tourist attractions: St. George's Castle, Sé Cathedral, traditional bars and restaurants, Fado houses, down-town Lisbon and Praça de Comércio, museums, belvederes, the famous no. 28 tram which passes right outside the door of the Hotel.

The Hotel and Youth Centre

Hotel Convento do Salvador is an innovative socio-economic project which sets out to support the cultural activities of the Centro Convento do Salvador, geared towards children and youths, and operating in the same building.

The services offered by the Hotel, namely the organisation of meetings and events, are a result of a liaison with this Youth Centre, which has different types of venues and equipment at its disposal.

Both the Hotel and Centre belong to the Association for the Cultural Promotion of Children (APCC), a non profit, public utility organisation. 

Art in the Hotel

A display of artworks by some of the most renowned Portuguese contemporary artists may be viewed throughout the Hotel, in both common and private areas.

As a tribute to the art of Portuguese tiles, the Pedrita duo were invited to paint the large panel in the hall of the Hotel.
Some of the works by the following artists are on display in the Hotel:  Ana Hatherly, Ana Vieira, Ângelo de Sousa, António Costa Pinheiro, Bartolomeu dos Santos, Bela Silva, Eduardo Nery, Fernanda Fragateiro, Graça Morais, Helena Almeida, Ilda David, João Cutileiro, João Vieira, Jorge Martins, José de Guimarães, José Pedro Croft, José Rodrigues, Julião Sarmento, Júlio Pomar, Lagoa Henriques, Malangatana, Manuel Batista, Paula Rego, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pedro Casqueiro, Pedro Proença, Rui Sanches and Xana.

H2O Lisboa

“H2O LISBOA” is a reusable bottle created to promote the consumption of Lisbon tap water in Hotel Convento do Salvador.

People often look at tap water as being a low quality product and tend to prefer bottled water. However, the fact is that Lisbon public tap water has one of the strictest quality controls in the world, and is monitored over 300,000 times per year, far more frequently than the standard quality control of bottled waters.

Our aim is to turn the act of consuming tap water into something trendy and fashionable, creating a design that plays with the general perception of what a “Premium Water” is all about.


Alfama | Lisbon | Portugal

Located in the historical centre of Lisbon, a few metres away from the belvedere Portas do Sol and within close proximity to St. George's Castle and the Cathedral (Sé), the Hotel is integrated in the city's most traditional neighbourhood, Alfama. A pleasant stroll will take you to Lisbon's main tourist attractions.

GPS 38.712754, -9.130039


Hotel Convento do Salvador

Rua do Salvador, 2B


Tel. (+351) 218 872 565

Fax (+351) 218 872 566




Administration – Paulo Caramujo

Reception – Eugénia Leitão

Food & Beverage – Tânia Costa

Housekeeping – Tânia Costa

Maintenance – Umar Farooq




Air Conditioning

All rooms are fully equipped with self-contained hot and cold air conditioning. Due to the building’s energy efficiency requirements, the climate control system shuts down automatically when the windows are opened.


Lisbon Airport is 5 km away from the Hotel. If you wish to contact Lisbon Airport directly, please dial 0 followed by 218 413 500.

Alarm Call

Please request the alarm call service at Reception (extension 9).


No pets or animals are permitted in any area of the Hotel, regardless of their breed or size.


If you require a babysitter, please contact Reception (extension 9).


A number of bank branches may be found close to the Hotel. Their opening hours are from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 3pm.

Bed linen change

Bed linen is changed three times per week or whenever requested. If you do not wish to have your bed linen changed, please contact Reception (extension 9).

Business Centre

The Hotel's main lobby can be used as a business centre.

It is possible to use, free of charge, laptop computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office programs, as well as multifunction printers with A4 paper (printing in B/W or color, scanner in B/W or color).

Please contact Reception (extension 9) for more information.

Car Rental

Special deals with several Rent-a-car companies. Please contact Reception (extension 9).

Check In

On the arrival date, you may occupy your room from 3pm onwards, after completing the check-in procedure.

Check Out

On the day of departure, you should vacate your room by noon. In order to save time checking out, please request a statement of your current account from Reception the day before departure.

Chemist / Doctor

Chemists may be found at a short distance from the hotel. For information regarding chemists on duty or medical services, please contact Reception (extension 9).

Comfort and Hygiene Amenities

A selection of toiletries are available in the rooms such as soap, shampoo, shower gel and shower caps. Other requested comfort and hygiene amenities may also be provided as long as they are available in stock, such as glasses, oral hygiene kit, shaving kit, sewing kit, nail file, cleaning cotton, comb, shoehorn and a shoe brush. Please contact Reception (extension 9).

Complaints Book

A Complaints Book is available in the Hotel. Please contact Reception (extension 9).


Free Cot depending on availability. For further information, please contact Reception (extension 9).

Daily Room Cleaning

Your room will be cleaned daily. If you do not wish your room to be cleaned, please contact Reception (extension 9).


Any damage to the Hotel (rooms and common areas) will be charged to those responsible (payment of the calculated replacement amount will be demanded).


The hotel is equipped with the most updated and advanced technological resources for preventing and fighting fire. However, in case of fire, it is important that our guests are aware of the following procedures:

Remain calm and follow the instructions below:

  1. In case of an emergency, never use the lifts. Use the stairs and follow the emergency signs and staff orders;
  2. In case of evacuation, or if the alarm is sounded, head to the main entrance of the Hotel immediately and check that all your friends and family members are present. If anyone is missing, please inform Reception;
  3. If the smell of smoke is detected in your room, turn off the air conditioning and all electronic appliances, and make your way to the closest emergency exit, activate the fire alarm and head to the Hotel lobby on the ground floor. Do not attempt to take your personal belongings;
  4. If there is smoke in the corridor, get down as low as possible, crawling close to the wall if necessary and head to the Hotel lobby on the ground floor. Do not attempt to take your personal belongings;
  5. If you are unable to see because of the smoke, do not leave your room. Close the door and caulk it with damp towels. Contact Reception (extension 9) or go to the window and call for help.

Extra Bed

Extra beds have an additional cost and are subject to availability. For further information, please contact Reception (extension 9).

Fax and Photocopies

Should you need to receive a fax, the Hotel’s fax number is (+351) 218 872 566.

Should you need to send a fax or photocopy a document, please contact Reception (extension 9).


Please contact Reception (extension 9).


A hair-dryer with a universal plug for shaving devices may be found in the bathroom of your room.

Internet & Wi-fi

Please request a user name and password at Reception, you will then have access to the wireless internet connection available in all common areas of the hotel.


For your own safety, keep your keycard with you at all times. In case of loss or theft, a new one may be requested at Reception upon presentation of an identification document.

Laundry / Dry cleaning

A form and a laundry bag may be found inside the wardrobe of your room. Please fill in the form, put the clothing inside the bag and leave them in a visible place in the room. You must contact Reception (extension 9) before 10am for your items to be collected. This service is not available on Sundays and bank holidays.


Children under the age of 10 may only use the lifts when accompanied by an adult. The Hotel will not be held responsible for violation of this rule. In case of fire, do not use the lifts.


For luggage-related issues, please contact Reception (extension 9).


Please contact Reception (extension 9) should you wish to send postcards, letters, faxes or parcels.


In the case of any malfunction in your room, please contact Reception (extension 9).


City maps are available at Reception.

Meetings & Events

For further information, please contact our Event Department (extension 8 or


A message service is available by contacting Reception (extension 9).

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are available every day in the Hotel lobby. Please contact Reception (extension 9) if you require any other form of print media.


Passenger vehicles may be parked nearby in public car parks open 24 hours a day. For further information, please contact Reception (extension 9).

Payment Options

Payment is accepted in cash, by debit card and by main credit cards. Cheques are not accepted, pursuant to sub-paragraph b) of article 15 of Decree Law 454/91 of December 28.

Pillow Menu

A pillow menu is available. Please contact Reception (extension 9).

Public Water Network

Lisbon's public water network (EPAL) is treated and strictly controlled, in accordance with the national and European legal requirements.


The hotel reception (extension 9) is at your disposal 24 hours a day and can provide information regarding hotel facilities, or cultural, tourist, transport and restaurant information. 

Reduced Mobility

The Hotel is designed to welcome people with reduced mobility. It has a room with an adapted bathroom as well as a WC on the ground floor for both males and females. 

Safe / Items of Value

Please use the safe installed in your room for your personal belongings. The Hotel will not be held responsible for any loss or theft.


  1. Whenever you leave your room, even for a short period of time, make sure the door is properly locked;
  2. Keep the door closed when inside the room;
  3. Notify Reception (extension 9) in case of unusual occurrences or if you find any unattended or suspicious object;
  4. Do not leave your luggage/personal belongings unattended in the common areas of the Hotel;
  5. Do not leave jewellery, money or other valuable items unattended in your room;
  6. Do not invite strangers into your room;
  7. Never tell strangers the name of your Hotel or room number;
  8. Never keep the keycard to your room with any other documents that may identify the hotel (name, address, e-mail, etc.);
  9. Never allow maintenance staff to enter your room before confirming with Reception (extension 9);
  10. Never allow people with delivering goods you have not requested to enter your room.

The hotel will not be held responsible for non-compliance with the afore-mentioned rules. The hotel will not be held responsible for any item that has been left in the rooms or common areas.


VAT (value-added tax) is included in all prices.


A telephone is available in the room. To access an external line, please dial 0. The price list for calls and codes for calling abroad are available on your TV menu or by contacting Reception (extension 9). All calls will be automatically debited to your current account.


The television in your room gives you access to an extensive list of Portuguese and foreign channels as listed below.

Ticket Sales

Please contact Reception (extension 9).


Smoking is forbidden in all rooms and areas inside the hotel. Any damage caused by smoking will be charged to the guest.

Towel Change

We care about your comfort and the environment, and so we leave you the possibility to opt for daily change of towels (when placed on the shower or on the ground) or reuse them (when placed on the towel rack or on wall hangers).

Useful Contacts

National Emergency number: 112;

Police: (+351) 213 427 379;

Fire brigade: (+351) 800 913 913;

Hospital: (+351) 217 805 111;

Airport: (+351) 218 413 500;

Tourist Office: (+351) 210 312 810.


All rooms are fully equipped with a 220V electric current. Adaptors may be requested at Reception against the payment of a bond.

USB sockets are available at the base of the minibar.



Unlike Lisbon, few cities can boast such magnificent natural scenery and a cultural identity to match, equally rich, varied and genuine. 

The dormant Lisbon of the XX century now emerges as a city exuding pride, confident in its unique style and bearing a historical legacy that has remained intact (especially the period of the Discoveries).

An unprecedented rebirth of the city has been witnessed since its reconstruction following the earthquake of 1755. While most of the European capitals were destroyed during the Second World War, to be subsequently reconstructed, Lisbon remained neutral and survived the war, thus, having required very little restoration since the XVIII century. Hence, its historical neighbourhoods resemble romantic ruins today, and both the city's inhabitants and those who come from far and wide are waking up to the charm of Ancient Lisbon.  It is gradually renewing itself, seducing the visitor with its breathtaking views and kaleidoscopes of tiles and cobbled pavements, beckoning the opening of new cafés, shops, quaint hotels and restaurants.

With this contagious new energy hovering in the air, surrender to what it has always been- a stunningly authentic city.

The main attraction of Lisbon is the city itself. Lisbon is a monument to the romanticism of the past, an aesthetically seductive city calling to be observed from each of its hills. Crowned by majestic walls, splendid belvederes and luminous monuments, each one of Lisbon's hills has its own personality. They form an enigmatic, scenic and genuine city with a singular essence and unique atmosphere, giving rise to a truly photogenic European capital, devoid of superficiality.

Its dazzling unconventional beauty, contagious irresistible spirit and fascinating mixture of colours and sounds enhance the vibrancy of this city. With its mild sunny climate, the days seem exceed 24 hours, forcing a slackening of pace so as to fall in love with its genuine, multifaceted neighbourhoods.

The passage of time has left it disorderly and dilapidated, however Lisbon is frequently at the forefront of urban culture, while still remaining true to itself. It is a city where not everything is as meets the eye, with much to be discovered, endeavouring to arouse our curiosity.

So, follow the steps of Vasco da Gama and the other heroes of the past, and embark on a journey of discoveries!



This medieval neighbourhood is one of the oldest in Europe. This small village or quarter in the centre of the capital is a relic of former times, dating back to before the great earthquake of 1755, having managed, to a fairly large extent, to escape the catastrophe, thanks to its solid foundations on the highest hill of the city which stretches out as far as the neighbourhood of Graça.

Alfama beckons visitors to lose themselves in the narrow streets, steps, alleys and squares, to be guided by their senses: to see clothes hanging from the balconies and fantastic views of the Tagus, to smell the fish being grilled on a corner, to hear the sounds of Fado flowing out from typical restaurants, to savour the traditional dishes and discover surprising views from the belvederes. This is the most picturesque neighbourhood of Lisbon, the real soul of the city.



The Soul of Fado

Fado is one of the few traditional urban sounds of the world. It has travelled from the streets of 19th century Lisbon to the top of the World Music charts. From amateurs in traditional taverns to Fado House professionals, feel the authentic soul of Lisbon.

Neighbourhoods of Lisbon

A different city may be found within each neighbourhood of Lisbon: the historical centre of Lisbon founded by the Phonecians, which went on to become the Jewish quarter (Alfama), Moorish Lisbon (Mouraria), Bohemian Lisbon (Bairro Alto), the elegant Lisbon of the Belle Époque (Chiado) and romantic Lisbon (Príncipe Real). There are also the more modern neighbourhoods, dating back to the early 20th century (Campo de Ourique) and mid 20th century (Avenidas Novas), and futuristic Lisbon (Parque das Nações).

Casa dos Bicos | José Saramago Foundation

This curious building was constructed in 1523, and inspired by the Venetian palazzos. It acted as residence to Afonso de Albuquerque, Governor of Portuguese India, and one of the few buildings to survive the 1755 earthquake. Its façade has over a thousand studs, and the upper two floors display Manueline-style windows.

The interior was renovated to host the José Saramago Foundation, and designed for the presentation of cultural events and to accommodate the library of the Portuguese Nobel Laureate.

St. George's Castle

The castle of Lisbon is at the top of the city's highest hill, offering one of the most breathtaking views of the city and river. Partly in ruins, partly restored, it is a romantic mirage that has stood for a thousand years.

Tram 28

Possibly the most popular tourist attraction in Lisbon: a journey through time, climbing hills and medieval streets in old carriages moved by electric power, which are still a part of the city's public transport network, from which some of the most picturesque neighbourhoods and main monuments of the capital may be observed. 

The line of emblematic tram 28 was launched in 1974 and now covers a route of 7km between Praça de Martim Moniz and Prazeres (or between Graça and Estrela, a shorter itinerary).

Feira da Ladra

This flea-market is held every Tuesday and Saturday, starting at dawn and ending at dusk. It is a second-hand market, where items are sold from tents, stalls and even cloths spread out across the pavement and road: furniture, scrap, books and magazines, clothes, vinyl records, pictures, etc., but new objects are also sold here, especially clothing and crafts.

This flea-market established itself in Campo de Santa Clara in the early century. The ideal entry is by Arco de São Vicente, where the famous Tram 28 stops.

Do not be afraid to haggle: it is part of the game.

Ricardo do Espírito Santo Foundation

In 1953, Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva, a banker and collector, donated Azurara Palace and part of his private collection to the Portuguese Government. Thus, the Foundation was born, bearing his name, and created as a Museum-School, with a view to protecting and disseminating Portuguese Decorative Arts and related trades.

Today, in addition to the Decorative Arts Museum, the Foundation has 18 traditional Portuguese arts and trade workshops which keep alive a highly important legacy of know-how, while guaranteeing specialized intervention in terms of Portuguese heritage through its conservation and restoration dimensions.
It also has two schools for the teaching of Arts: the Higher School of Decorative Arts (ESAD) and the Institute of Arts and Trades (IAO).


As seductive as the enchanting streets of Lisbon are, they also frequently lead up to the hilltops, obliging the visitor to stop and admire the views from their belvederes. Those who pass here are left feeling that this is one of the finest cities in the world. 

São Vicente de Fora Museum

The towers of this monastery stand out in the Lisbon landscape. One of the most amazing views may be observed from its terrace and its extraordinary interior is decorated mainly in tiles. It is, therefore, one of the most fascinating places in Lisbon, especially the series of 38 panels surrounding the cloister, displaying La Fontaine's Fables. 

Museum of Aljube – Resistance and Freedom

The Museum of Aljube - Resistance and Freedom is dedicated to the memory of the fight against the dictatorship and resistance for the sake of freedom and democracy.

It is a municipal museum aiming to fill in the gap of the Portuguese museological fabric, by projecting the importance of this memory in the construction of responsible citizenship, and by assuming the fight against an exonerating amnesia, frequently an accomplice of the dictatorship confronting Portugal between 1926 and 1974. 

Design and Fashion Museum – MUDE

MUDE is installed in a former banking institution. It has a collection of fashion and design, with pieces ranging from the 20th century up to contemporary times.

Hence, the well-known names in design (Charles & Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Droog Design...) are represented alongside the greatest international fashion designers (Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Versace...).

Fado Museum

More than just a tribute to national music, this museum also displays the cultural and political ambience of Lisbon during the 20th century.

An audio guide explains what is on exhibit (in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish), and a multimedia service offers the possibility of consulting recordings, biographies and historical images.

Roman Theatre Museum

This small museum (free entry) reveals Roman Lisbon. It exhibits pieces found during the excavations of what was once a theatre in the 1st century (and may be seen behind the museum), while multimedia screens tell its story.

The theatre had a seating capacity of up to 5000 spectators, but only a third was uncovered during the excavations.

National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC

The MNAC or Chiado Museum displays Portuguese art from the 1850 to 1950 period.

The collection is shown in temporary thematic exhibitions, including some of the emblematic works of Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and Almada Negreiros, as well as a fine sculpture by Rodin.

Praça do Comércio

The largest square in Lisbon faces onto the river and was originally planned to welcome those arriving at the city by ship. Today, its 18th century version may be observed, as the original (called Terreiro do Paço, where the royal palace was located) was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake and later redesigned with a triumphal arch facing the Tagus.

A tourist information point, the historical Martinho da Arcada café, restaurants and café terraces may be found beneath the arcades, as well as the Lisbon Story Centre which displays a multimedia exhibition on the history of the city.

Praça do Rossio

Rossio is one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon. It is here that the D. Pedro IV statue and fountains may be observed, in addition to the  D. Maria II national theatre and the famous Café Nicola, founded in 1929.

Sé de Lisboa

The Sé de Lisboa has an austere interior and differs from other European cathedrals since it resembles a castle when seen from the outside.

It was built upon a huge mosque in the 12th century, presenting a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The stoup where Saint Anthony was baptised is close to the entrance.

At the back of the cathedral, the 14th century cloister may be observed, uncovering traces of the Roman, Visigothic and Moorish periods in archaeological excavations.

In the upper floor, the ransom of Dom José may be found, dating back to the 18th century, and including the valuable bejewelled ciborium. 



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